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Peripheral Vision: June 16

June 16, 2014
Hug It Out

The real revelation in the Finals is that Kawhi Leonard is actually capable of showing emotions. His celebratory hug with Pops was heartfelt, moving, and filled with gratitude. It was a very special moment for the newly minted Finals MVP. Six years ago today—Father’s Day—his dad was shot to death outside of their carwash business in Compton, California (the case is still unsolved). That’s why the embrace was extremely touching for Kawhi and Pops, who has been nothing but a dear father figure to the entire Spurs.

Woah, Timmy!


One of the more overlooked debates in NBA recent history is who’s the best player of this generation, Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant? They’re now tied with five titles each but TD has a slim edge in terms of MVP and Finals MVP plums. It feels like Duncan’s latest feat has cemented his spot as this generation’s top dog. Jake Tsakalidis is a close third behind Kobe.

Humbled Three

A few hours after failing to defend their title, Dwyane Wade posted this photo on his Instagram.


You the real MVP

Who needs Jesus Shuttlesworth when the Spurs have the Jesus?


The jokes are out




Photos from Basketball Forever