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Peripheral Vision: June 18

June 19, 2014
STAT – 1, MWP – 0

If you’re an NBA fan, this is the only video you need for today. Metta World Peace gets pranked by former teammate Amar’e Stoudemire on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This is as fantastic as MWP’s Japanese characters-laden gold hair. If this doesn’t get at least a smirk out of you, then you deserve to be hit in the groin by The Player Formerly Known as Ron Artest.

“Donald Sterling wouldn’t get in the car because it was black.”

Throw it down, Mr. Green

This video, you don’t need that much. But it’s pretty nice, anyway.

Honesty is the best policy

In an interview with ESPN, Kobe Bryant was asked if he was okay with Tim Duncan getting one more ring than him. Guess what he answered?

Here are some choices for you:

A. No
B. Nope
C. Do dogs f*ckin fly?

Down to 12

Instead of 13 teams, it looks the PBA will be down to 12 next season as Air 21 confirmed its sale to NLEX, which withdrew from being an expansion team after failing to get the concession of directly hiring players. While the buyout (reportedly at least P100 million) doesn’t dampen the league dramatically, it’s somewhat a bitter pill to swallow for aspiring pros. One less expansion team, with 16 roster slots, obviously means lesser chances of getting into the PBA.

NLEX’s decision is definitely understandable though. The franchise wants to compete immediately and carry its brand. Retaining the Express’ core of Asi Taulava, Joseph Yeo, Sean Anthony, Aldrech Ramos, Mac Cardona, etc. is more logical in a competition standpoint than starting from scratch via the Expansion Draft and getting greenhorns from the Rookie Draft.

On the other hand, NLEX’s withdrawal should bode well for Blackwater and Kia as their odds to get serviceable players in the Expansion Draft just got better.

Those pants

Better watch out, Russell Westbrook, James Yap is ready to steal your fashion thunder.