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Peripheral Vision: June 19

June 20, 2014
Stay snarky, Pop

The town was painted silver and black as the Spurs celebrated their fifth NBA championship with the traditional city-wide motorcade. There were plenty of cheers to go around as the thousands of fans whooped it up with their favorite players. There were plenty of chuckle-generating moments as well, highlighted by Gregg Popovich taking a hilarious jab at LeBron’s infamous multiple championships prediction in 2010.

You can laugh, not one, not two, not three, not four, not even five times.

Mad pitch

Speaking of LBJ, most fans are already speculating where he’ll end up. Will he stay in South Beach or become the Prodigal Son and return to Ohio? The decision (hopefully no ESPN special this time) is still up in the air, obviously. But if there’s one person who can pitch to LeBron about returning to the Cavs, it’s none other than advertising debonair Don Draper of Mad Men.

Oh, cramp!

Speaking of LBJ again, a senior high school student from Northeast Ohio made fun of LeBron during his graduation. How? Just watch the video and you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s a bit cheeky but he gets an A+ for timeliness and cleverness.

He can jump, no?

We’re positive that L.A. Lakers hopeful Zach LaVine, who recorded an eye-popping 46-inch vertical leap (that’s almost four rulers from the ground), in his pre-draft workout, is a pogo stick in his former life.

Admittedly soft

San Mig Coffee drew first blood in its best-of-three semifinal encounter against Talk ‘N Text with a nail-biting win in overtime. Marqus Blakely once again showed the way for the Grand Slam-seeking Mixers with 20 points, 10 rebounds, four assists, three blocks, three steals, and a partridge in pear tree.

His counterpart Paul Harris, on the other hand, was badly outplayed, putting up 17 points on a ghastly 5-of-19 shooting. In an interview with, Harris admitted that he played soft. Not many players, let alone imports, would admit being soft so it was a little surprising and refreshing to hear it from the TNT reinforcement. You get brownie points for that, sir.