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Peripheral Vision: June 24

June 25, 2014
You’re welcome

For all you speculative people, uhm, speculating and picturing where LeBron will end up, someone conveniently Photoshopped LBJ wearing jerseys of all the 30 teams.

Photo from Twitter
Photo from Twitter

Hollywood dreams

In one of the bigger stories in the local hoops scene these past few weeks, Ray Parks received a call-up to train with the Lakers. It’s exciting to imagine him wearing the famed Purple and Gold and represent the Philippines.

Although, it’s a long shot for the two-time UAAP MVP to make the final roster, getting his foot in the door should pay dividends in the long run. But hey, we’ll never know. Perhaps he could actually make it by some stroke of unimaginable fortune. Crazier things have happened in basketball.

Photo from Ray Parks' Instagram
Photo from Ray Parks’ Instagram

Photo from Ray Parks' Instagram
Photo from Ray Parks’ Instagram

The best of luck, Ray-Ray!

Presenting, Dante Exum

Forget about Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Joel Embiid for a minute. If there’s one NBA hopeful you should root for in the upcoming NBA Draft, it’s Australian hotshot Dante Exum (even his name is bad ass)—simply because of his series of funny Locker Room commercials. He’s a natural.


Riding in cars with boys

What do you do when you’re a professional basketball player earning millions? Buy luxury cars, of course. Just make sure you have enough gas (you’re a millionaire for chrissakes!). Right, Evan Turner? Or make sure you’re aware how tall and big you are. Right, Carlos Boozer?

Here’s the link from Bleacher Report.

Protect your huevos

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ball Handles. Your worst nightmare in basketball. Every single Defensive Player of the Year award in any league across the Milky Way should be named after him.