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Peripheral Vision: June 25

June 26, 2014
Keep trolling, San Antonio

Whoever put up this billboard in San Antonio castigating LeBron’s latest decision is pretty clever—and also filthy rich.

Photo from Breitbart News
Photo from Breitbart News


If you’re still having doubts whether Andrew Wiggins deserves to be the top pick in the much-anticipated NBA Draft, here’s a mixtape of his effortless athleticism and underrated ball-handling. He wasn’t able to display his complete game in college with Kansas’ rigid and disciplined system (this also shows his willingness to follow instructions) but he really has a refined arsenal that could compete with the best of the lot in the Association.

Prepping for Spain

The schedule of Gilas’ training camp for the FIBA World Cup has been released. Safe to say, the boys will have an eventful August. They better bring lots of clean underwear.

Photo from
Photo from

Fast Test Bros

In case you don’t know yet, Jeric and Jeron Teng have this simple yet pretty entertaining series on YouTube. The brothers are pitted against each other in various speed challenges with their sister Almira as host slash judge. In their latest episode, it’s a battle between brain freeze and burnt tongue.

Campaigning for PBA ROY

The 2014 PBA season is coming to a close. As usual, the Leo Prieto Awards will be held to honor the top individual players of the year. One fan has already chosen his bet for Rookie of the Year. Clue: He’s not Ervic Vijandre.