Peripheral Vision: June 27

Best of luck, Isaiah

We’re sure you’ve seen this already but it’s hard not to watch it again and again. Such a fitting tribute to a young man, whose NBA dream was prematurely crushed by an unforeseen circumstance. If this doesn’t get you at least a little choked up, then you have a heart made out of whatever material they use for making submarines.

Take a bow as well, Adam Silver. You’re off to a good start.

The Baddest

Hey look, here’s the official commercial for Kevin Durant’s latest signature shoe, KD7. Bad like Michael Jackson’s album. Bad like the second word in Breaking Bad. Bad likes these grammar.

Achilles heel

Newly minted first overall pick Andrew Wiggins is inarguably one of the best athletes in the draft. Scouts have salivated over his explosiveness, speed, and leaping ability. But what they didn’t scout is Wiggins’ weakness: how to jump rope. Give it up, Andrew. Just jump over people.


Julius Randle grew up as a fan of the Lakers. Here’s a photo of him wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey when he was still a kid and too frail to bushwhack his way in the paint like he did at Kentucky. Now, he’s going to play with the Purple and Gold after getting picked seventh overall. Some guys have all the luck.

Photo from Julius Randle’s Instagram

Photo from Julius Randle’s Instagram

Pinoy in NBA Draft

Speaking of the Lakers, they drafted another player in Jordan Clarkson in the second round (46th overall). What’s the big deal? The former Missouri Tiger is a Fil-Am, being born to a Filipina mother. He’s a big combo guard at 6’5” and is being compared to Shaun Livingston and Michael Carter-Williams.

Here’s to hoping he could make the final roster for the Lakers. Imagine if he and Ray Parks could make the cut! Every single Filipino will root for Kobe and co.

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