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Peripheral Vision: June 4

June 4, 2014
BOOM pa… oh, you know the rest

The most obvious storyline in the PBA Governor’s Cup is San Mig Coffee’s quest for the Grand Slam. Well, it looks like the Mixers have a new battle-cry courtesy of high-flying jitterbug Justin Melton. Will it propel them to their fourth straight title? Uhm, you be the judge.

Holy hoops

What do nuns do if they’re not solemnly praying? Play basketball of course! Talk about a Hail Mary shot.


Flintstones Vitamins?

“Nick Young,” “Brandon Jennings,” “party,” and “club” are words you don’t exactly want to hear or read in a single sentence. But that’s exactly what happened in this video initially posted by The Game on his Instagram (it has been deleted). Two things we’re not sure of: 1. What kind of pill is Jennings giving to Swaggy P? 2. Why isn’t Jennings wearing a shirt in a club?

Highbrow actor

Watch out, Blake Griffin! Anthony Davis is slowly finding an off-court niche as a funny commercial endorser as well. After his hilariousFoot Locker bits, here’s his advertisement for Samsung Galaxy S5, wherein he plays the role of sushi chef, perhaps the tallest one in history. Good job, Brow!


For the third time in his five-year career, Ronnie Matias will switch jerseys as he was traded to San Mig Coffee in a seven-player, three-team deal. While trying to follow the Mixers’ Triangle Offense is a daunting task or just even finding playing time, the notorious jester is more nervous about an entirely different matter: how to speak to coach Tim Cone.

Here’s what the former University of Manila standout said in a funny interview with “Magdadala na talaga ako ng dictionary, mapapalaban ako ng Inglesan nito…Nakakaintindi naman tayo ng English, ‘wag lang ‘yung so very so deep.”