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Peripheral Vision: June 5

June 6, 2014
Too cool for LeBron

The All-NBA Teams are out and only Kevin Durant was unanimously voted to the First Team. LeBron James was off by a single ballot. Yep, former ESPN reporter and current blogger Chris Sheridan felt LBJ is not among the best two forwards in the league this season. What type of cheap chemical is he inhaling? Perhaps he even considered voting Vitor Faverani.

Dinner of champions

According to TMZ, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had dinner together in a private room at a Beverly Hills steakhouse. We can only imagine what they talked about. The NBA Finals? The latest Game of Thrones episode? Rihanna’s controversial see-through dress? We won’t be surprised if they engaged in a Who Will Finish His Steak First contest, given their almost homicidal competitiveness. One thing’s for sure though, the waiters got pretty hefty tips.


Photos from
Photos from

Hair ye! Hair ye!

Hey, barber! I need a haircut. The usual, please.




All were styled by San Antonio’s very own, Rob the Original (photos from him too).

Time to hit the gym for some thumb exercises

Here’s an awesome trailer of the much-anticipated NBA 2K15. Technology is the real MVP.

Looking for Delonte

Ever wondered where Delonte West is? Here’s a sobering profile of the controversial guard, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is now looking to return to the NBA via the Summer League with the L.A. Clippers. Previously, he played in China, where most of the reportage took place. It’s quite a read, but it’s a laudable piece of journalism that tackles the prejudices the sports business has towards mental illness.

A quote from West: “I guess everybody crazy now, huh? Maybe I’m not the only one then. Maybe there’s something to that. Maybe it’s not a ‘crazy’ thing. Maybe it’s just a highly intense, stressful type of job that puts a lot of pressure on guys to perform and play.”