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Peripheral Vision: June 7

June 8, 2014
It’s a lot of fans!

All the talk about the non-functioning air-conditioner at the AT&T Center in Game 1 still hasn’t cooled off, lame pun intended. Now, Danny Green admitted to the Associated Press that the Spurs locker room had cooling fans to counter the suffocating 80-degree heat (33 to 35-degree celsius), while the Heat didn’t have any. Was it done on purpose? Or did the Heat just didn’t bother to ask? Hey, the Spurs have home court advantage after all.

LeBron is doing fine

LeBron James took the time out to answer several fan questions posted on social media. Insert cramp-related joke here.

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Oh, just your typical high school student

What were you doing during your sophomore year in high school? Ogling at adult magazines? Secretly trying alcohol for the first time? As for Kwe Parker, a 6’2” shooting guard at Trinity Christian Prep, he’s busy throwing down insane pre-game boom shakalakas.

Oh, just your typical full court trick shot

To quote A Tribe Called Quest: “Can I kick it? Yes you can!”

Suck and blow

Words would just cheapen it.

Photo from Facebook/BasketballForever
Photo from Facebook/BasketballForever