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Basketball IQ: Carl Lewis was drafted in the NBA

July 5, 2014
If you think that there are only four Hall of Famers from the 1984 NBA Draft (MJ, Chuck, Hakeem, and Stockton), you’re wrong. Another guy who had a Hall of Fame career is Frederick Carlton Lewis or better known as Carl Lewis.

In the 10th round—yes, the NBA Draft before 1989 went way beyond two rounds—Chicago selected the track and field icon. Although he had no legit background in basketball, the Bulls may have fancied Lewis because he was perhaps the world’s top athlete at that time as he had already won three World Championship gold medals. Plus, they got him in the 10th round, so you can’t really say they wasted their pick.

Can you imagine MJ running side by side with one of the fastest men who ever lived? Unfortunately, Lewis never got to play a second in the NBA. But not trying to be something that he’s clearly not may have been the best decision he had made. He focused on his track and field career and went on to win 10 Olympic medals, nine of which are gold. Take down notes, Manny Pacquiao.