Mark Caguioa talks about one of his favorite Ginebra teammates

Ginebra team captain Mark Caguioa has nothing but praise for Ginebra’s prized rookie Rodney Brondial.


Parang ano siya, like a Dennis Rodman. Right now, he’s one of my favorite players. He’s doing all the dirty work, and that’s what Ginebra needs. You can see his effort, and I’d like to see that in a player,” the 13-year veteran said following Ginebra’s exhibition game against the LG Sakers last month.

Brondial, who was picked sixth overall at the 2014 PBA Draft, made his pro debut on Sunday against Talk ‘N Text. He scored 4 points and grabbed four rebounds in limited minutes.

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Enzo Marcos

Enzo Marcos is a commercial director. He tried—in vain—to name his son Aragorn. He was a Laker fan even before he could fully understand the game of basketball. He thinks that Back to the Future is the pinnacle of modern cinema. Film, music and basketball take up most of his time. He is as good at basketball as Kobe Bryant is at rapping.

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