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Dayories: Picnic Games 2


Ayoko ng sumimangot/ Ayoko ng magalit/ Ayoko ng mamrublema/ Ayoko ng magisip/ Gusto ko lang mag basketbol.

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Upper B S01EP10: The love-hate relationship of media and athletes

Since the days of Sheed’s “Both teams played hard” to Westbrook’s “We executed well,” the love-hate relationship between the media and professional athletes has been well-documented. Should professional athletes be universally nice to reporters? Or is Mr. Westbrook the real MVP of postgame interviews?

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Homecoming Feat. Kevin Garnett

After winning one title in Boston, and doing KG things in Brooklyn (see: Dwight Howard headbutt), KG is back to where it all started. But where’s Wally? Hoiberg? Spree?

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#AskTitoMico: Is Alaska the new never-say-die team?

Are the Alaska Aces now PBA’s resident never-say-die team after their performance in the last Philippine Cup Finals? Mico Halili shares his thoughts.

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Upper B S01EP09: San Miguel’s Early Struggles

After winning the last Philippine Cup championship, San Miguel Beermen started the new conference with consecutive losses. How hard is it to stay on top?

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#AskTitoMico: How did the Hawks become so good?

Upper B’s Mico Halili is back to answer this question: How did the Atlanta Hawks become so good this season?

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Upper B S01EP07: Orton vs Pacquiao

Shots fired! After losing to Kia, Purefoods import Daniel Orton called playing coach Manny Pacquiao “a joke.” Is he telling the truth? Or did he go too far? Upper B’s Mico, Suzy, Charles and Renren with the blow-by-blow analysis.

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Tweets of the Day: 2015 NBA All-Star Game

Dirk Vince Carter’d, Steph played around, and Russell Westbrook left all his chill in OKC.

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