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Starting 5ive: Bad Boy Bench Mob

The PBA Bad Boy Mythical Team has been chosen by the Upper B crew (watch it here), but here on Starting 5ive, we pick the best bench mob: five of the toughest players in the PBA who can chip in quality minutes—and more—off the bench.

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Upper B S01EP28: PBA Bad Boy Mythical 5

The Upper B Mythical Team (minus Jai, who is busy winning PBA playoff games) names five of the baddest PBA players in recent years to form the PBA Bad Boy Mythical Team. One of the Bad Boy members recently told Barangay Ginebra fans to “suck it,” while another will have to be dragged out of retirement.

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Dayories: Mantalongon, Cebu


Mantalongon, or Little Baguio, is known for its vegetables, crops, and flowers. Guess what the favorite pasttime is in this coldest part of Cebu. Bonus farm team photo after the jump. Photos by Enid Madarcos.

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Upper B S01EP26: The RoS-Ginebra Wrestlemania

The last time these two teams met, Ginebra fell victim to Beau Belga’s elbows, kneedrops, and crotch chops. But the Upper B team believes that Belga’s antics is just one of the Barangay’s many problems.

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Upper B S01EP23: Can Hawks and Warriors survive the NBA Playoffs?

The top two teams in the NBA right now—the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors—are killing it in the regular season, but can they survive the playoffs?

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Starting 5ive: Abueva’s Beast Mode Moments

PBA All-Star Game MVP Calvin Abueva (sorry, Terrence) is arguably the best all-around player in the PBA right now. In less than a minute, he can relentlessly guard you, grab the rebound, run the break, score on you, and taunt with you with his nganga/chibog antic. He will also do his best to piss off your best offensive player. Can you name another player who has all these in his arsenal?

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