#AskTitoMico: Big, defensive Gilas or small, offensive Gilas?

Mico Halili taps the help of sports writer Carlo Pamintuan to answer this episode’s question from @kenMbaltazar: Would you prefer a slow, big, defensive Gilas team over a small, fast, offensive Gilas team?


[Thumbnail photo from philstar.com]

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  • If ever Gilas develop Fajardo, Slaughter & Aguilar to a reliable big who can defend and get the rebound. I think it is safe to include Jordan Clarkson in our national pool and play in the Non-FIBA Sunction tournament. So that in case time will tell that our big guys can hold there position it is safe to naturalized Clarkson at the same time He have already knowledge about the plays ang PILIPINAS basketball. At the same time He is half-blooded Pilipino and maybe the price is not that big since his desire to play is already there.

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