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Starting 5ive: Hit a shot, celebrate

March 10, 2015
Gone are the days when you can hit a three-pointer, and casually jog back on defense with your best “takbong mayaman.” With a new breed of scorers like the Hardens, the Westbrooks and the Currys leading the NBA, you have to bring your A-game even after the ball goes through the net. The crazier, the better. Here are five of the craziest we’ve seen in recent years:


This 3-ball from the 2012-2013 season is the ONLY 3-ball that Javale McGee has made in his career. So this is the ONLY time we’ve seen it, which obviously makes it more special. McGee, who is still without a team, almost made it to Golden State, but they were like…nah. We’ll just leave this video clip here and hope that Warriors execs reconsider.


THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT (aka Discount Double Check)

“The Belt” was awesome way back when Steve Novak was chucking it up in New York.

Too awesome that Nate Robinson had to get in on the act.

Talk about Shots Fired.



“It’s three points. Take that to the head,” said Rasheed Wallace. Sheed introduced it, but Carmelo Anthony made it famous, making the three-fingers-to-the-head gesture his go-to celebratory move. We saw it a lot, which means that Melo hit a ton of 3s in the past years, but may also mean that he is a ball hog. Russell Westbrook has his own version of the move, but instead of taking it to the head, he holsters it:



James Harden stirring the pot. James Harden cooking you up. James Harden flicking the wrist. Look at the flick of that wrist.



There is much debate on who started the Big Balls Dance aka The Marble Dance aka The $25,000 Fine.

Was it Sam Cassell? Was it Nick Van Exel?

Pedro Cerrano and Taka Tanaka may have something to say about that. Did we miss anything? (Of course we did.) Let us know in the comments or tweet us @BuhayBasket using the hashtag #Starting5ive