Starting 5ive: Dellavewhova?

Last year, we were talking about LeBron and DWade making a run at history. This year, LeBron and Matthew Dellavedova are making headlines at the Eastern Conference Finals. In case you don’t know who the other guy is, we’ve come up with a list that may help you identify him in a police lineup.


After the Cavs ended the Bulls’ season, LeBron came out to the podium as The Undertaker, Tristan Thompson as a priest, and that’s Dellavedova, posing as a gravedigger.



In a crucial Game 5, an already depleted Bulls lineup lost Taj Gibson after the big man kicked Dellavedova. That’s him, trying to apply a reverse Scorpion Death Lock on Gibson.




Dellavedova’s ankle breakers are different from the ones used by, say, Allen Iverson or Steph Curry. Here he is, going all Kurt Angle on Kyle Korver.



Game 3 of the ECF and Dellavedova is already world-class villain, only Al Horford is having none of it. Taking the role of heel, here’s Delladova at the receiving end of the most electrifying move in sports entertainment.




When you’re inches away from the NBA Finals, you’re allowed to do whatever at the podium. Riley Curry would agree. That’s Dellavedova as Jesse Pinkman and LeBron as a pimped out (?) Heisenberg.



[The Rock photo from; Sting photo from; Jesse Pinkman photo from; videos from YouTube]

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Jon Carlos Rodriguez is a New York Knicks fan, and a Barangay Ginebra resident. Aside from, he has written for SLAM Philippines, Fox Sports PH, ABS-CBN News,, and 8List. In fantasy basketball, he once traded Harrison Barnes for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

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