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2015 NBA Draft Review: Bridging the Past and Future

By Kram Cervantes

Draft day is in the books! For the fans of the lottery teams, the draft packed the drama and pressure of a seven-game playoff series in a three-hour event. Just like past editions, there were on-the-money picks and absolute head-scratchers. There weren’t a lot of blockbuster trades this year, but there’s definitely no shortage of bold decisions that have already sparked intense debates.

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James Blair is the Real LeBron James Fan

On March 20, 2013, James Blair ran to the court, high-fived LeBron James, was escorted out by security, went to jail, and was banned for a year from the arena. BuhayBasket caught up with THE LeBron James fan to ask him: What do you think of LeBron’s haters?

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Starting 5ive: Gilas Cadets Scouting Report

The future of Philippine basketball is in good hands, as the impressive run at the recent SEA Games proved. But how would these young players fare in an NBA Draft scouting report? Pretty good, we assume. Since we can’t say for sure, we tried using SB Nation’s “silly” scouting report generator. What we found out will shock you.

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Meet the graphic designer behind NBA’s digital art

For 12 years, Australia-based graphic designer Tyson Beck has been creating NBA-related designs. BuhayBasket and Lakers Nation PH had a quick chat with Beck on being NBA’s go-to design guy, and living by the Mamba Mentality. (He has the largest collection of Kobe Bryant jerseys in the world.)

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Starting 5ive: Game 6 Vines

One man alone can’t win championships, even if that man is LeBron James, who LeBron James calls the “best player in the world.” After his Finals performance that looked a lot like Sting vs the NWO, not a lot will argue with that statement. Unless, of course, you’re Klay Thompson.

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Starting 5ive: Game 5 Vines Feat. Steph Curry

LeBron James contributed to 70 of the 91 Cavs points in Game 5, but Steph Curry and the Warriors—mostly Steph Curry—were just too good. Here are five moments in Game 5 that prove why he is MVP.

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Starting 5ive: Game 4 Vines

Some key notes from Game 4: Mozgov went Shaq on a small Warriors team; JR Smith shot 0-8; Iggy outplayed LeBron; and LeBron showed his d*ck on national TV. Sorry, what?

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Starting 5ive: Dellavedovines

After a disappointing Game 1 loss, Matthew Dellavedova missed the team bus and had to take Uber back to the hotel. After Game 2, LeBron was asked if he saved Delly a seat on the team bus, to which LeBron replied, “I’m never going anywhere without Delly again.” Game 3 saw the 24-year-old Aussie leaving the arena on a stretcher due to severe cramping. If Cavs win Game 4, they should bring home Dellavedova in a horse-drawn carriage. Or the Popemobile.

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