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Dayories: Pilar Village, Las Piñas

las pinas

Brandon Dawis started playing basketball when he was only seven years old. He is now 13, and he has no plans of stopping. Photo sent by his father, Jakarta-based basketball coach Melvin Dawis, via Facebook.


Starting 5ive: NBA 90s Team ni Batas

BuhayBasket sat down with Batas to find out his Top 5 players from the 90s.

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Starting 5ive: Shaq’s Orlando Magic

Shaq has been making the most of the NBA offseason by waging an Instagram war against Scottie Pippen over the best franchise of all-time. He recently shared his all-time Magic starting five, and we can’t wait to see his picks for the Suns, Heat, Celtics, Cavs.

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Dayories: Laging Handa, Quezon City


Have you played ball in Scout Gandia, Born Ready, Quezon City?

#NoExcuses: How I played vs a female Paul Lee

Who run the world of women’s basketball? Not just Maya Moore and Becky Hammon. Jean Serafin from Laguna can kick your ass too.

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Starting 5ive: Basketball films, Pinoy version

So far, the local films released this year include a Manny Pacquiao biopic and a bunch of tween films. Sadly, still no basketball movie, which is why we had to resort to this. Here are five films that Filipino producers should seriously look into remaking. (Call us!)

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Starting 5ive: 5 fictional coaches who deserve respect

They always give the best pep talks, and they always know how to get the best from their players. Like a PG-13 version of Yeng Guiao. Here are our top five fictional coaches in basketball films.

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Starting 5ive: The Pinoy basketball experience

It goes without saying that the Philippines is a basketball-crazy nation. We play the game, we love the game. We have our own basketball lingo, and we have courts on every corner of the country. Here are five things that every Filipino has experienced on the court.

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Dayories: Mactan, Cebu


Fold up your jeans, take off your shirt, and play ball.

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