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Starting 5ive: FIBA Asia Day 2 Highlights

September 25, 2015
Day 2 of the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship saw RDO throwing it down over HKG, Japan killing Malaysia by 71, and home team China coming back from a 20-point deficit to win over Korea. Boring stuff. Good thing we picked up on these golden catchphrases from the FIBA broadcast team, which may or may not have been lifted from a Drake song.

“Ranidel pulls the chain for the big flush!”


“Davis pulls the chain for the big flush!” (So nice, he had to say it twice)


“Lovely pass from Reid to Lin, who puts it in!”


“China like a shark that smells blood. The hosts on the hunt!”


“Unplug the photocopier, because there’s a big jam!”