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Starting 5ive: Things you can buy from Kobe’s last NBA game

April 18, 2016

If (like us) you missed Kobe’s last game at the Staples Center in LA, you didn’t get to breathe the same air that he breathed on April 13, 2016. The good people on eBay can fix that for you.


air kobe

This is probably not what Nike had in mind when it envisioned an Air Kobe prototype.

Seller: yeezy20202016
Current price: P23,064.86
Sales pitch: My brother and I bought tickets for Kobe’s last game and brought 6 plastic bags to this game to catch the air because we thought it would be fun.


air kob 2

If ziplocked air is not your style, here’s a hipper but pricier alternative.

Seller: closetsamples
Starting bid price: P4,612.97
Current price: P230,648.58
Sales pitch: This item for sale is air from Kobe Bryant’s Final NBA game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA on April 13, 2016. What we did was fill the small glass jar at the Staples Center and closed it. We were seated from the side lines. Get your piece of history! Once of a lifetime opportunity to own this in your collection!!




This is a perfect addition to your ticket stub collection of “movies I never saw in the cinema.”

Seller: motif1
Current price: P11,532.43
Sales pitch: Full ticket from Kobe’s last game played at Staples Center April 13, 2016 vs. the Utah Jazz. Ticket is in like new condition.




This rare item will let the people in your office know that 1) You’re a Laker fan, and 2) You spend too much time on eBay.

Seller: arya818
Current price: P4,612.97
Sales pitch: Official Lanyard given out on Kobe’s Last Game at Staples Center to those in attendance on 4.13.16.



poland spring

At halftime, Kobe was reportedly seen pouring Michael’s Secret Stuff into this same bottle.

Seller: jona-infa
Current price: P6,458.16
Sales pitch: Was used by Kobe Bryant himself. Drank the entire bottle on his final game.




So you can, uhm, re-write history. And comes with free shipping!

Seller: shawn_bs84
Starting bid price: P45.67 ($0.99)
Current price: P207,583.73
Sales pitch: This BIC Round Stic M is a classic pen. Found outside stadium where players enter, it could have been used by the King himself. Buy yourself a piece of history now, with FREE SHIPPING AND NO RESERVE!