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Starting 5ive: Who should coach the Lakers?

April 28, 2016

The Lakers have finally given Byron Scott the pink slip. With that, a new era is finally dawning in Lakerland. With a set of youngsters with tremendous potential, pressure from die-hard fans and ownership in flux, the coaching job in LA can make for a tricky gig. Here are five candidates that we feel can handle the task.


coach carter

The Lakers have ushered in a youth movement. With Kobe gone, they need a steady voice inside the locker room. They need a coach that will take no nonsense from anyone. A type of coach that will not allow D’Angelo to use Snapchat. A coach that will not let Jordan Clarkson date a Kardashian.

One of the reasons the fans turned on Scott was his penchant for benching his rookies. Many felt that he didn’t do much for developing the talent that was right on his bench. Given Coach Carter’s track record, it is safe to say that he will put more emphasis on turning these boys into men.



Sticking to the theme of developing young talent, Kesuke Miyagi is known for his unorthodox methods, but his results are without question. He took a kid with zero experience and brought him all the way to a championship. Granted it was for the All Valley Karate Tournament, but a trophy is a trophy. And that’s what Mr. Miyagi can bring to LA.

Whether or not the young guns can sit through days of painting walls and slapping water is a question that they will have to answer.



The Spartans had no chance of defeating the Persian army, yet they fought. They soldiered on and showed the Persians that they would bow to no man but their noble king. That’s what the Lakers need to do. Barring some miracle in free agency, the team will be underestimated by just about everybody in the league.

King Leonidas will inspire all of Los Angeles to stand up against each challenger and wage the battle that will ultimately bring them back to glory.




That’s right. Many questioned Byron Scott for sticking to an antiquated offense and a non-existent defense. We replace the old-fashioned offense with the vaunted “Flying V” and develop Randle and Nance into the new Bash Brothers. He has all the plays in his playbook to make the Lakers fun to watch again.

Aside from the Xs and Os, who else is better suited to handle the glitz and glamour of the LA scene than Mr. Bombay? He was chucking it up with LA royalty by D2.

Most importantly, we already know that The Captain is a fan.



It was a toss up between Jack and Flea, but in the end, we gave the number 1 spot to Michael Balzary.

Aside from his well-documented love for LA and the Lakers, the man is perfect for the job. He knows the value of handwork and practice. The Chili Peppers were once the laughing stock of the LA gig circuit, but through perseverance and practice, they soon become one of the most sought after acts in the industry.

The first year may be tricky as Flea may have a hard time adjusting to the NBA’s strict dress code, but I’m sure he will find his way and get the Lakers running again.