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The Daily Mema: October 27

October 27, 2016

The NBA season is upon us, which means it’s time for political analysts to put on their jerseys and become basketball analysts for at least eight months. Because we all have something witty/deep/funny/rude to say about the best sport in the world, here are today’s hot takes in true memasabi lang fashion. The BuhayBasket staff present: The Daily Mema.

Anthony Davis went crazy, Embiid is finally an NBA player, and the Lakers won. We miss Kobe.



JON: Anthony Davis ‘yung tipong chef na lahat kaya niya lutuin pero baka hindi ka kumain sa restaurant niya kasi marupok ‘yung mga buto niya.


MONTY: Luke Walton Warriors > Steve Kerr Warriors


ENZO: #DontLukeNow but Walton has brought fun back to Los Angeles. It’s just one game, but they beat a quality opponent and are already looking so much better than last year’s squad. If they keep it up, they COULD sneak into the playoffs. #Homer #TheKidsAreAlright #JC6thManofTheYear


ELVIS: Nakakaiyak stats ni AD.


JEFF: Laker fans just started a signature campaign to start the playoffs today. UBOS ORAS NA, GUYS.