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The Daily Mema: Who will win MVP?

October 31, 2016

The NBA season is upon us, which means it’s time for political analysts to put on their jerseys and become basketball analysts for at least eight months. Because we all have something witty/deep/funny/rude to say about the best sport in the world, here are today’s hot takes in true memasabi lang fashion. The BuhayBasket staff present: The Daily Mema.

Six days of basketball is a microscopic sample size, but we’re ready to throw a couple of names into the MVP conversation. Why? Because after six days, we’ve drawn this conclusion: the NBA is the undisputed champ of awesome.

JEFF: Kawhi Leonard. Medyo scary ‘yung siya ‘yung focal point ng offense tapos nagwo-work. Tapos Pop.




ENZO: Dame! He’s had a chip on his shoulder since he entered the league. Now he’s on a warpath. Averaging 34 points and killing teams with his clutch play. He’ll carry Portland to another playoff appearance. How great would a Westbrook vs Lillard duel be in the first round? Point guards out for revenge.


JON: “KD, you sacrificed for us. You the real MVP…for leaving Oklahoma.” – Russell Westbrook, 2016-2017 MVP acceptance speech

ELVIS: Jokic for MVP! Grabe ‘yung bata.