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Larry’s Block Party: Film Review

November 2, 2016
The final seconds of Game 1 of the 65th UAAP men’s basketball finals played out like one of the greatest, most inspirational short films ever made. So great, that it deserves a fictional film review.

Larry’s Block Party (2002) is a coming-of-age film about a young man on a quest to make a mark by hosting an epic college party.


Clocking in at an astounding 9.2 seconds, the short film follows Atenean Larry Fonacier as he attempts to ward off gatecrashers from a rival school led by Mark Cardona, a brash and tough-talking jock hellbent on bringing terror to Larry and his crew.

The mild-mannered and baby-faced Larry is known to be a gracious host, but when the uninvited Mark tries to crash his party, (spoiler alert) Larry is left with no choice but to step up and turn him away. Twice.


Larry’s maturity and poise amid tremendous pressure are on full display in the film’s final scene: his arms both raised in the air to signify victory; his antagonist slumped on the floor in defeat.


The best thing about Larry’s Block Party is that it succeeds in conveying the message of doing something extraordinary and out of character despite the odds. In the end, Larry’s heroics–and his wildly entertaining block party–help him reach legendary status as one of the greatest Ateneans of all time.




(Artwork by Ang Gerilya; video from YouTube)