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The Rivero Brothers: Sibling Support

November 5, 2016
The Green Archers have yet to taste defeat this UAAP season. While most eyes have been on Ben Mbala, the Rivero brothers have been making quite an impact on the team as well. We caught up with Prince and Ricci and asked them a few questions.

BuhayBasket: What’s it like playing with a brother on the team?

Ricci: Laking tulong kasi senior siya tapos as a rookie, ‘yung na-experience niya before nasasabi niya sa akin, so mas malaki ‘yung chance na hindi ako magkamali.

Prince: For me, I’m thankful that he’s on the team. I’m able to help him improve on his game and he’s there to help me improve on mine. We help each other. We make sure that we work hard. Put in the extra work before and after training.We can help each other improve. So, instead na may maiwan na isa sa amin, sabay kaming aangat.

BuhayBasket: Ricci, what’s the best piece of advice that Prince has given you?

Ricci: Listen well to instructions. And don’t do things just to get them out of the way. Do things to improve. Dahil gusto mo mag-improve.

BuhayBasket: You guys are undefeated, will you finish the season with a sweep?

Prince: We’re not thinking about the sweep. As of now, we haven’t accomplished anything yet. Our main goal is to win the championship. We’ll take it one game at a time. Our standing right now really doesn’t mean anything. We prepare for each and every game. We’ll stick to our system and stick with each other.

BuhayBasket: How do you feel when your brother has a good game?

Prince: Of course it feels like I had a good game myself. It feels like I also had a good game. It’s an accomplishment also for me. Not because he’s my brother, but because I know pinaghirapan namin ‘yung nagawa niya. We see how hard he works on his game. I’m happy every time he has a good game.

BuhayBasket: You’re facing Ateneo on Saturday, how do you prepare yourselves to face a rival team?

Prince: We prepare for Ateneo just like any other opponent. We treat every game like a championship game. But we just took some time off. Right after that, we went right back to work. Me and my brother will be working with my dad to improve on our game. After that,we’ll stick with the team to improve our chemistry.

BuhayBasket: What’s it like growing up in a family of athletes?

Prince: Kahit papaano we have knowledge of what it’s like to be an athlete. We know what’s right and what’s wrong. They help us decide what’s going to be for the good of me and my brother.

BuhayBasket: Is there competition between you two?

Prince: There’s always competition. We strive to improve. If there’s no competition, you aren’t trying to improve. It’s good competition, the type that helps us learn and grow as players.

BuhayBasket: Who would win in a game of one-on-one?

Prince: It depends. Everytime we play it’s tough. All of us play all the time. Even Rasheed. We all want to win all the time. We don’t play just to play around, we play to get better.

BuhayBasket: There’s the Splash Brothers in the NBA, do you guys want a fancy nickname?

Just the Rivero Brothers.