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Rockets vs Clippers: A Twitter Timeline History

January 16, 2018

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez

Monday night submitted an entry to vie for Most Entertaining Night in NBA history. And no, it’s not because the Warriors and Cavs played. The other rivalry we didn’t know we needed—the Houston Rockets vs the Los Angeles Clippers—provided the unexpected but very much needed entertainment.

To recap, things got chippy during the game between the Rockets and the Clippers. It was Chris Paul’s first game in LA as a Rocket, but the homecoming was marred with a 113-102 loss, a couple of ejections, several F-bombs, and Blake Griffin’s ripped shorts.

After the game, several Rockets players, including Paul “pushed into the LA Clippers’ locker room” to confront an injured Austin Rivers—who did not play and was in a walking boot—and Griffin, according to a report by Adrian Wojnarowski. The Rockets also reportedly sent Clint Capela to the front entrance as his teammates tried to make their way to the back door, which sounded more like a prank the Mighty Ducks would pull.

Security had to escort the Rockets players out before things got out of hand.

But the damage has been done, much to the delight of NBA Twitter. In case you missed it, here’s how it went down: