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The Stepdown: LeBron, Thy Kingdom Come

July 6, 2018

By Ron Evangelista

The City of Angels is now The King’s royal kingdom.

Earvin Johnson has certainly made his “Magic” felt by building a team that can rival any other ballclub in the league in just a span of two days, and it all started with the acquisition of a superhuman athlete named LeBron James.

The Staples Center, since its inception in 1999, has seen its fair share of battles in its long illustrious time as the home of the Lakers. It has not only witnessed the five glorious championships that they have earned whilst playing in that arena, but Staples—along with the millions of Laker fans around the world—is also familiar with the wonders LeBron can bring.

They should, considering LeBron has broken their hearts one too many times in the past.

These same fans are rejoicing right now, and deservedly so. This rambunctious group never left the side of the team even when they were lowly cellar-dwellers. Now they have a chance to redeem themselves from all the years of misery.

Another exciting thing for them is the rebirth of the Celtic-Laker rivalry. The two legendary teams now face each other with both of their teams packed with firepower. This should be fun to watch for every single basketball fan in the world.

There is no need for introduction regarding the talents of LeBron. He comes to the franchise as one of the most decorated players in league history. With the valuable additions of Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, and a reinvented JaVale McGee, this is a formidable group of guys that is coming for everyone in the wild, wild West.

However, critics are saying that this may be the wrong landing spot for LeBron, with many expecting him to come to Philly with a young core group that has shown unlimited potential. We must consider though that this may very well be the last big contract in his career.

He’s not getting any younger, and by the time his lucrative four-year contract expires, he would be 38 years old and most probably will not be as strong as he is now. This is not to say that LeBron is on the decline, it is just a curt description of his situation in his remaining years in the NBA. Whatever the critics say though, wherever he goes, success goes with him.

We only have a few years to appreciate the immeasurable talents of LeBron Raymone James, and for Laker fanatics all over the world, this may be truly one hell of a send-off for him.

Hollywood welcomes one of the biggest stars of all time, and the whole world is waiting for one more ring to add to his already stacked resume.