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Nike LeBron 9 ‘Watch the Throne’

November 11, 2021

Rumors are swirling that the iconic Nike LeBron 9 will be available in stores for the first time ever. The original release did not hit retail.

Although no release date has been set, the presence of official photographs usually indicates that the pair will be released sooner rather than later.You know what they say “When there’s smoke, there’s fire. And these are definitely flames. The Nike LeBron 9 “Watch The Thorne” is expected to arrive in late 2021 or early 2022.

So we thought it’d be a perfect time to take a close look at the original release. Hip-hop and basketball have this mutual respect for each other. From basketball pros cranking up their favorite rap anthems and rappers referencing teams and pros in their lyrics, it’s just the way it is!

The Watch The Throne LeBron 9s are one of the most solid pairs to attest to that mutual respect. Jay-Z, Kanye and LeBron. How cool is that?