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Who says no to a Ben Simmons-Jaylen Brown swap?

November 11, 2021

It’s been almost a month since the 2021-22 NBA season began, and we already have plenty of spicy storylines both on and off the court.

Photo credit: Ben Simmons and Jaylen Brown/Instagram

But perhaps on top of the list are the two Australian-born point guards who are refusing to play for their respective teams. 

While Kyrie Irving’s battle against the COVID-19 mandate in New York City is also quite interesting (we’ll save that one for later), we’ll be focusing on the curious case of Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Just to jog your memory, The Fresh Prince and his super-agent Rich Paul tried to force the Sixers’ hand by demanding a trade in the offseason. But after a long standoff, Daryl Morey called their bluff and Simmons has no choice but to sulk in Philly. For now, at least. 

As is the case with almost every disgruntled NBA player ever, a change of scenery is as inevitable as Thanos’ snap. 

Simmons will be traded at some point. But the million-dollar question remains. Where exactly? 

According to the latest from the rumor mill, it seems like Boston has become a likely destination. 

Following the Celtics’ not-so-hot 4-6 start, it’s become apparent that Beantown is getting too small for two Jays on one team. Celtics fans would absolutely riot if Jayson Tatum somehow got traded, so Jaylen Brown is likely the one to go. 

Brown, of course, has emerged as another All-Star caliber player for Boston, but his overall fit alongside Tatum continues to be an ongoing issue. Marcus Smart even practically called out the pair for being too trigger-happy on offense. Yikes.  

With both East teams seemingly in need of a shake-up, Daryl Morey and Brad Stevens should absolutely pick up that phone.  Here’s why. 

For Boston’s side of things, it solves their lack of playmaking which has been hounding them for years. While having a non-shooting point guard is not ideal in this day and age, Simmons is still a top-notch floor general. 

If Simmons comes to town, maybe Smart would finally receive that pass for that wide-open corner 3-ball. Let’s not forget the 6-foot-11 playmaker is no slouch defensively either. 

Brown, on the other hand, would be a godsend for the Sixers. Morey will finally get that blue-chip talent that he demands in any Simmons deal. The 6-foot-6 swingman is a walking bucket, who would no doubt take some load off Joel Embiid’s shoulders. 

Sure, the Sixers would likely have to shell out more assets for Brown, but he’ll certainly boost the Sixers’ title hopes this season. This one should be a no-brainer. 

What do you guys think? Should the Sixers and Celtics pull the trigger on a Ben Simmons-Jaylen Brown trade? Let us know in the comments section.

written by Kriel Ibarrola