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Lakers Lovefest: Just How Good Can the Young Guns Be?

In this episode, we sat down with Marcus Prolifik to talk about the Lakers’ youth movement. Just how good can the young guns be? Who will take the biggest leap next season? Read More

Kyrie vs AI: Who has Better Handles?

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez and Ron Evangelista

Who has the better handle, Kyrie Irving or Allen Iverson? It’s Kyrie says one. It’s AI says the other. It’s Uncle Drew. It’s The Answer. Two BuhayBasket writers agree to disagree.

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Lakers Lovefest: Did LeBron Make the Right Decision?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LeBron James has joined the Los Angeles Lakers. Just how good can the Lakers be with him on their roster?

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Lakers Lovefest: The Meme Team

Since Enzo and Elvis love the Lakers so much (Jeff, not so much), they decided to start a show about them. In this pilot episode, they talk about the Meme Team and their possible effect on the rest of the roster.

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The Stepdown: Loyalty in Basketball, Does it Exist?

By Ron Evangelista

When Kevin Durant bailed out on his Oklahoma City folk and decided to jump ship to the fabled Golden State Warriors, he had people in an unbridled frenzy. Basically unleashing every unkind word available in their vocabulary and then some, the fans were eating Durant alive for probably the most controversial free agent shift in the history of the league.

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The Stepdown: Jeff Chan’s Chance of a Lifetime

By Ron Evangelista, BuhayBasket contributor

Barangay Ginebra, the nation’s most popular ball club, is dancing on quicksand right now with the way they’re playing, but they just got a pair of helping hands that are eager to pull them out of the pit. And those particular hands have a knack of catching fire just in the nick of time.

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LeBron Soldier 12 ‘Agimat’

It’s no secret that LeBron loves the Philippines. He has visited our shores on numerous occasions and now he’s adding to his Agimat collection with the brand new LeBron Soldier 12 Agimat.

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Where Were You When Michael Jordan Hit the Last Shot?

One of the many reasons why Michael Jordan is the GOAT is because of iconic moments like this. Where were you when Michael Jordan hit the last shot?

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