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Upper B S01EP20: Homegrown vs Fil-Ams

The PBA has tried pitting Rookies, Sophomores, Juniors against the Veterans; and North vs South in the All-Star Game. Should they try a new format for next year’s ASG? How about 48 minutes of Homegrown vs Fil-Ams? We’d watch that.

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Upper B S01EP19: Gilas Cadets/Sinag Pilipinas, PBA ready?

Are the young and talented group of players chosen for the Sinag Pilipinas pool ready to play for the pros? The Upper B crew share their fearless forecast.

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Real Fans vs Bandwagoners

By Daryl Lim

As a Bay Area kid in the early 90’s, it was easy to root for the home teams. The Giants had Barry Bonds, a superstar outfielder who would go on to hit *the most home runs in a single season*. The 49ers were perennial contenders for the playoffs, winning 5 titles, the last one being in 1994. The Warriors? Different story.

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Upper B S01EP17: Most clutch player in PBA history

Another great question from Upper B viewer @jaysonwafu27 (there are other Upper B viewers, yes?): Who is the best closer/most clutch player in PBA history?

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#AskTitoMico: Pacquiao drives to the hoop, do you defend, foul or watch?

You find yourself defending the lane, and you see Kia Carnival’s playing coach Manny Pacquiao taking it strong to the hoop. What do you do?

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Upper B S01EP16: I Am PJ Ramos

Kia Carnival’s import Peter John Ramos is averaging more than 30 points and 20 rebounds a game at the current PBA Commissioner’s Cup, but is he the sure choice for Best Import? Also, should he change his name to fit his towering and dominating presence on the court?

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Upper B S01EP15: What if prime Jimmy played for 90s Alaska?

Upper B viewer @jaysonwafu27 asks: If prime Jimmy Alapag played for Tim Cone’s grandslam Alaska team instead of Johnny A., will the results be the same?

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