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Starting 5ive: Remembering the 2015-2016 NBA Season

There will be no NBA games for at least five months. Let that sink in for a moment. Now breathe, and thank the basketball gods for giving us a crazy, exciting, and historic NBA season.

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Sixth Man: The story of a father and son trainer

Sixth Man is the unsung hero, the one cheering from the bench and delivering quality minutes when needed. In this weekly series, BuhayBasket puts the spotlight on the men and women who contribute to the game in their own way, away from the limelight.

Tembong is a legendary boxing and basketball trainer. Closely following in his footsteps is his son, Bobot.

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Liga Legend: The Jawo of Biñan

As we celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, BuhayBasket pays tribute to the Liga Legends, the men who have taught us how to succeed in basketball, and in life.

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The Fantasy Dean: Watch out for DNPs

The Fantasy Dean Chinito Henson returns for class number two, which tackles the dangers of DNPs and The Walking Dead.

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Lessons from The Fantasy Dean

Blake Griffin can break his hand, but can he break your fantasy season, too? BuhayBasket’s resident fantasy expert, Chinito Henson aka The Fantasy Dean, has the answers.

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Dayories: Barangka, Mandaluyong City

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Filipinos aren’t exaggerating when we say that you can find a basketball court in almost every corner. This photo shows the usual street basketball “park” with banners, graffiti, art and lots of political ads.

#NoExcuses: The Leftie

Erold del Mundo is living proof that basketball never stops, basketball is for everyone, and basketball is life.

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#NoExcuses: How I played vs a female Paul Lee

Who run the world of women’s basketball? Not just Maya Moore and Becky Hammon. Jean Serafin from Laguna can kick your ass too.

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Dayories: Biñan, Laguna


Only those who have played in the Philippines know what this means: “last-warning.”

Starting 5ive: The Dayo Teams

Home-court advantage doesn’t only exist at the “Roaracle,” it also applies to the humble, little courts where we grew up in, where we practiced the art of “tap board,” and where we had to defend against Team Dayo. Meet the visiting teams in the Philippines, and please, try to stop them from stealing one at home.

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