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Tweets of the Day: July 7

We are all witnesses… to this crazy LeBron free agency saga that may or may not end with more jerseys set aflame. As NBA pundits, haters, and so-called Heat fans continue to speculate and/or troll, LBJ proved again why he is the most talked about athlete in sports. And he didn’t even have to win a ring this time (in case you’re wondering, Tim Duncan did not opt out and will play his last season with the Spurs for $10 million).

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Tweets of the Day: July 4

With free agency in full swing, the biggest names in the NBA are making headlines—not for having big games—but for taking meetings. That’s how awesome the off-season has been. While we grind our teeth and clench our toes waiting for a decision on where Melo and LeBron will take their talents to, let’s marvel at how Chris Kaman is really Chris Rock trapped in a seven-foot German body.

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Tweets of the Day: July 2

If you missed the controversial Game 1 of the 2014 PBA Governor’s Cup Finals, here’s how the last possession went down: Down three points with less than three seconds left, Paul Lee took a cross-court inbound pass, faked, took one step back, took a page out of D-Wade’s fishing expedition book, sent Marc Pingris flying, and had a chance to send the game into overtime. But alas, no foul was called, pushing San Mig to just two wins away from a Grand Slam.

Yeng Guiao thought “Paul got fouled in the last play,” while Tim Cone wasn’t sure because he was “too far away” from the play. Was there a foul? Did Lee initiate contact? Did he travel? These are the questions that will haunt the rest of this series, no doubt. And to keep the debate going, was there a foul in Kobe’s tweet?

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Tweets of the Day: June 30

The 2014 NBA off-season made another huge step towards being more entertaining than the 2014 NBA playoffs. While the Miami Heat drama continues to unravel, Jason Kidd makes a power play in Brooklyn, which may end up in him being GM and head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to us either. But at least it drew some hilarious tweets.

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Tweets of the Day: June 25

The Gilas boys will be facing one final test before flying off to Spain: a team of NBA All-Stars led by Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, Paul Pierce, and DeMar DeRozan. Behind the event is SBP big boss Manny “The Real MVP” Pangilinan, who is kind enough to throw us basketball fanatics a bone to chew on during the NBA off-season. And, oh, we’re sure you know by now that LeBron opted out of his contract. There’s so much speculation and wit on Twitter after the news broke out, that we took it upon ourselves to compile the best ones into one long scroll so you don’t have to.

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Tweets of the Day: June 24

This year’s NBA draft and free agency is setting up to be one of the most unpredictable in recent years. So hang tight hoop fans, with the draft happening two days from now and The Decision 2.0 still a full week away, there’s really just one practical thing to do: gossip on Twitter. Also, in other news, Ray Parks as a member of the Purple and Gold?

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Tweets of the Day: June 19

Amid trade rumors, Kevin Love quietly arrived in Manila on Thursday for a three-day basketball event where he is expected to, as a well-known Filipina sports reporter put it, show off his “signature moves.” We’re not sure if this means K-Love will be doing the Stone Cold Stunner on Chris Tiu or the Tombstone on Marc Pingris, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, here are some Pinoy hoops stars showing Love some, um, love.

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Tweets of the Day: June 17

As the final buzzer of Game 6 of the 2014 NBA Finals sounded, Kawhi Leonard again showed why he is the future of the Spurs while Mario Chalmers still suc…wait a minute.

If, like us, you woke up with a strong urge to stare blankly into space, congratulations, you are suffering from a bad case of NBA withdrawal.

Since there’s not much NBA news to salivate to, here’s looking back at other June 17 moments in NBA history that basketball fanatics were deprived of today (it’s a band-aid solution, we know, but it’s either this or highlights of Brazil and Mexico trying—and failing—to score a goal in 90 minutes).

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Tweets of the Day: June 16

I t’s 2007 all over again as the San Antonio Spurs played perfect basketball against a LeBron James-led team to win the NBA championship. Kawhi Leonard got a well-deserved Finals MVP trophy for scoring on and defending the league’s best player, while said best player gets flak for losing not one, not two, but three finals series in his career. But this probably won’t be the last time LeBron will play in a championship series, so to end the 2013-2014 season on a high note (wink, wink), Twitter trolling presents: Michael Beasley with special guest Mario Chalmers!

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Tweets of the Day: June 13

S o Game 4 happened and the defending champs Miami Heat are down 3-1. Pretty boring stuff, really. Aside from Perfect Basketball ™ from the Spurs, Mario Chalmers did Mario Chalmers things, Dwyane Wade did Mario Chalmers things, Kawhi Leonard did LeBron things on LeBron, and Toney Douglas got minutes.

For Game 5, we’re hoping for another blowout if only to see Michael Beasley suit up in garbage time. But with the way the basketball gods have been tripping, it won’t be shocking to see the Big 3–that’s LeBron, Wade, and Bosh in case you’ve forgotten–explode and steal one at the AT&T Center (we’re also still waiting for the Mario Chalmers Redemption Game or the Ray Allen 9 3s Game).

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