Author - Raul Maningat

VC, LeBron, or Giannis: Who Dunked It Best?

By Raul Maningat

Dunks are awesome and is one of the best things to ever happen in basketball. So we have to determine something very important: Between Vince Carter’s, LeBron James’, and Giannis Antetokounmpo’s soul-snatchers: Who dunked it best?

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Dayories: Tenement Homes, Taguig

Some of the best street ballers in the world dropped by the Tenement Homes in Taguig to make noise for Global Hoops 2016.

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From Erpats to Airpats: Batch 99 tops SPCB 2015 Alumni League

Adult life forced most of these high school friends from Batch 99 of St. Paul College of Bocaue (SPCB) to go their separate ways. Different careers, relocation, parenthood, house bills, and everything else that come along with being a grown-up kept them too busy to go beyond Facebook when reconnecting with each other.

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Can’t knock the hustle: Journey of an aspiring PBA player

Nervous energy filled the Robinson’s Midtown Mall in Ermita, Manila on a regular Sunday afternoon in August 2012. It’s the annual PBA Draft. Each time PBA Commissioner Chito Salud walked up to the podium to call a name, the anxiousness of some of was replaced with elation. For the others, despair subbed in.

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Guys you’ll always meet in pick-up games: Part 2

IPart 1, we talked about the fellows who look like they have no business being on the court but are absolute killers in a pick-up game.

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Guys you’ll always meet in pick-up games

Whenever you’re in a pick-up game, there will always be regular-looking fellows, guys who look like they don’t belong on the court. They’re either wearing a t-shirt instead of a jersey or sporting a bagong-gising look. But actually, they are the guys you need to watch out for aside from the obvious stud on the opposing team. If you disregard them, which you’ll likely do mainly because of their appearance, your team will probably lose.

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Basketball IQ: Player with most PBA titles in the 90s

Since The Eraserheads are back together (or at least back to making that beautiful infectious music that we all missed), we thought it’s only apt to talk about another 90s icon, at least in local basketball.

Only, our subject didn’t make his awesome accomplishments by selling records. Instead, he won titles left and right in the PBA.

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Basketball IQ: Lowest PBA pick to win ROY

Who is the lowest draft pick ever to win the PBA Rookie of the Year Award? Hint: He’s from Ateneo.

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Basketball IQ: What Asian country had the best finish in FIBA World Cup history?

Before it was called the FIBA World Cup, the prestigious global hoops competition was known as the FIBA World Championship. Since its inception in 1950, nations from the Americas and Europe dominated the event. But in 1954, one Asian squad was able to crack the top three.

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Basketball IQ: UP’s basketball dynasty and futility

Believe it or not, the first dynasty in Philippine college basketball belonged to the University of the Philippines (UP). Yes, that isn’t a typo. UP won the first three NCAA Seniors crown from 1925 to 1927. State U ruled once again in 1930 to become champions for four times in six years. The only other schools that won an NCAA title during that stretch were Ateneo and San Beda.

The Diliman dynasty, however, was short-lived.

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