Starting 5ive: Who should coach the Lakers?

The Lakers have finally given Byron Scott the pink slip. With that, a new era is finally dawning in Lakerland. With a set of youngsters with tremendous potential, pressure from die-hard fans and ownership in flux, the coaching job in LA can make for a tricky gig. Here are five candidates that we feel can handle the task.

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Starting 5ive: Injuries that changed the NBA Playoffs

The reigning MVP is out. We still don’t know the extent of his injury, but it seems certain that he will miss the remainder of the first round (at the very least). Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are out for the rest of the postseason. Hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand Clipper fans crying.

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Starting 5ive: Evan Fournier in Palawan

Orlando Magic swingman Evan Fournier, the guy whose last name you shouldn’t Google, is in Coron, Palawan for some R&R, and of course, a little basketball by the beach.

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Starting 5ive: Why I’m watching the 2016 playoffs

By Ramon Ballesca

At long last, the 2016 NBA Playoffs have arrived! As die-hard basketball fans, we long for these two months of excitement. The playoffs are a compilation of stories brought together by individuals who give everything they have to gain the respect of their colleagues, and attain their lifelong goals. Who wouldn’t appreciate stories that embody that?

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Starting 5ive: Things you can buy from Kobe’s last NBA game

If (like us) you missed Kobe’s last game at the Staples Center in LA, you didn’t get to breathe the same air that he breathed on April 13, 2016. The good people on eBay can fix that for you.

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Starting 5ive: The 5 Kobes we met in the NBA

From being a brash 18-year-old kid who wanted to be like Mike, Kobe Bryant transformed into someone better in his 20 years in the NBA. He became Kobe Bryant.

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Grassroots: Who was better, Kobe 8 or Kobe 24?

In this episode of Grassroots, BuhayBasket talks about the best version of Kobe Bryant: Young, 3-peat with Shaq, Frobe 8 or MVP and two-time champ with the Mamba face?

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‘Bittersweet': Pinoy fan faces Kobe’s last days in the NBA

The Lakers will not get 20 wins, and Kobe is down to his last two games in the NBA. Peejay Ruiz, a die-hard Lakers and Kobe fan based in Australia, is not happy about this.

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