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Upper B S01EP31: Predicting the Frankie Lim effect on Ginebra

What could be the effect of new coach Frankie Lim on struggling Ginebra?

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#AskTitoMico: Can Abueva win an individual award?

Upper B viewer @Paul_Aldecoa asks Tito Mico (with help from Renren): Can Calvin Abueva win an individual award? Even if he doesn’t get players and press votes?

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Upper B S01EP30: Kings Without Crowns

Steve Nash is the latest name added to the long list of basketball superstars who failed to win rings in their respective storied careers. The question is: Do they deserve less respect from us fans?

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Upper B S01EP29: All-Time Favorite College Players

On this episode, the Upper B hosts share their favorite local college players of all-time. Renren’s and Charles’ picks are obvious, Mico picked two Ateneo PGs while Suzy revealed her, uhm, college crush.

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Upper B S01EP28: PBA Bad Boy Mythical 5

The Upper B Mythical Team (minus Jai, who is busy winning PBA playoff games) names five of the baddest PBA players in recent years to form the PBA Bad Boy Mythical Team. One of the Bad Boy members recently told Barangay Ginebra fans to “suck it,” while another will have to be dragged out of retirement.

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Upper B S01EP26: The RoS-Ginebra Wrestlemania

The last time these two teams met, Ginebra fell victim to Beau Belga’s elbows, kneedrops, and crotch chops. But the Upper B team believes that Belga’s antics is just one of the Barangay’s many problems.

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