Keeping the dream alive

We’ve all dreamed of taking the last shot at the buzzer, making it, and posing for the thousands in attendance. But not all of us will have that chance. Writer and liga legend Dinjo Constantino explains why that dream should be kept alive. And how.

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BuhayBasket picks: 10 must-see films

If watching the games live, catching the replays, highlights, and postgame shenanigans still can’t quite satisfy your basketball soul, here are 10 films, in no particular order, that BuhayBasket believes every basketball junkie should watch. Also, it seemed like a good excuse to discuss “Dobol Dribol” aka the best Filipino film ever made.

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Tweets of the Day: Manila Clasico

It was supposed to be the classic Caguioa vs Yap narrative; or the duel between Gilas brothers Ping and Japeth; or the LA Tenorio-Mark Barroca battle for PG supremacy. But Ginebra’s latest addition Joseph Yeo, in his first Manila Clasico, had other ideas.

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Dayories: Sampaloc, Manila


Driving around Manila on a Saturday, you will see these street kings on almost every corner. Some are barefoot, some shirtless, but all of them always ready to play. Pay respect.

A play-by-play analysis of Arwind Santos’ ‘Bagyo’ music video

Forget the new albums of the Foo Fighters and U2, because in even bigger music news, Arwind Santos just finished recording his debut album. Let that sink in for a moment. You’re good?

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Tweets of the Day: October 31

So, LeBron went home, played at the city’s “biggest sporting event” and lost; Melo got buckets; and OKC’s roster went to shhhiiiit. We missed you, NBA.

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Picnic Games: Bayanihan and basketball

No fanfare, no sponsors, and no hype. The Picnic Games was a basketball tournament held at the Fort Bonifacio Tenement Building in Taguig. But looking past the no-look passes and sick crossovers, the games were really about keeping the bayanihan spirit alive on and off the court.

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Mark Caguioa talks about one of his favorite Ginebra teammates

Ginebra team captain Mark Caguioa has nothing but praise for Ginebra’s prized rookie Rodney Brondial.


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Peripheral Vision: Nostalgia with #LOL

With social media’s reach as expansive as Kevin Durant’s wingspan, keeping up with all the fascinating posts online can be quite exhausting. Like playing through five overtimes. Peripheral Vision takes a look around the web to select some of the more interesting items so you don’t have to. No complex scouting process here though. Just a lazy and quick survey of the vast digital hoops community.


Just in case you missed the fantastic mood-setter during the opening of the 40th PBA season, here it is. Watch it 40 times straight. Fans who grew up watching the PBA in the 90’s (just like us in the BuhayBasket crew) will surely feel nostalgic with this one. Susmaryosep!

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