The Better Decision

It was a perfectly written essay—heartfelt and sentimental, touching on emotions that were trampled during 2010’s The Decision. But was it the better decision?

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Peripheral Vision: July 14

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Now that the LeBron James frenzy has died down, USA Basketball announced its roster for the 2014 National Team training camp. These players will vie for slots in the 2016 Olympics.

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Tweets of the Day: July 14

The dust has settled, the Melo-Gasol pipe dream goes pffft, and LBJ is headed home. But that doesn’t mean the jokes will end. And now that the rumor mill has stopped spinning, other basketball stars not named LeBron can go back to the next best thing to getting a max contract: Playing for MVP!

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Basketball IQ: The Fireman vs. the Triggerman

The UAAP will once again kick off this weekend so let’s browse the UAAP annals for a bit. In 1984, Game 3 of the UAAP Finals, two high-scoring long range bombers brought the house down with their incredible marksmanship.

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Tweets of the Day: July 9

The first and only coach to win two Grand Slams in the PBA. This is the legacy that Tim Cone will leave behind if and when he retires—unless of course Manny Pacquiao turns out to be a coaching genius and breaks records (he won’t). In other basketball news, Jarrett Jack gave Cleveland Cavalier hopefuls a mini-heart attack with a cryptic tweet that only said “I got news,” which turned out to be totally not Lebron-related. If only Cav fans had enough Jarrett jerseys to burn. You have to admit, it was expert trolling though.

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Tweets of the Day: July 7

We are all witnesses… to this crazy LeBron free agency saga that may or may not end with more jerseys set aflame. As NBA pundits, haters, and so-called Heat fans continue to speculate and/or troll, LBJ proved again why he is the most talked about athlete in sports. And he didn’t even have to win a ring this time (in case you’re wondering, Tim Duncan did not opt out and will play his last season with the Spurs for $10 million).

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Tweets of the Day: July 4

With free agency in full swing, the biggest names in the NBA are making headlines—not for having big games—but for taking meetings. That’s how awesome the off-season has been. While we grind our teeth and clench our toes waiting for a decision on where Melo and LeBron will take their talents to, let’s marvel at how Chris Kaman is really Chris Rock trapped in a seven-foot German body.

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Peripheral Vision: July 4

Who’s in, who’s out

Season 77 of the UAAP will kick off in a couple of weeks. Here are the lineups of the eight teams competing for another season of school pride, hoops glory, and the monumental chance to guest on Gandang Gabi Vice.

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Basketball IQ: Carl Lewis was drafted in the NBA

If you think that there are only four Hall of Famers from the 1984 NBA Draft (MJ, Chuck, Hakeem, and Stockton), you’re wrong. Another guy who had a Hall of Fame career is Frederick Carlton Lewis or better known as Carl Lewis.

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