Basketball IQ: 11-time NBA champ Bill Russell was never a Finals MVP

It may come as a surprise to you that Kawhi Leonard won the Finals MVP more times than the man the trophy was named after. But to clear things up, the only reason why Russell never won the plum is because the NBA didn’t hand out the award until 1969—his last year in the league.

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Peripheral Vision: June 18

STAT – 1, MWP – 0

If you’re an NBA fan, this is the only video you need for today. Metta World Peace gets pranked by former teammate Amar’e Stoudemire on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This is as fantastic as MWP’s Japanese characters-laden gold hair. If this doesn’t get at least a smirk out of you, then you deserve to be hit in the groin by The Player Formerly Known as Ron Artest.

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Tweets of the Day: June 17

As the final buzzer of Game 6 of the 2014 NBA Finals sounded, Kawhi Leonard again showed why he is the future of the Spurs while Mario Chalmers still suc…wait a minute.

If, like us, you woke up with a strong urge to stare blankly into space, congratulations, you are suffering from a bad case of NBA withdrawal.

Since there’s not much NBA news to salivate to, here’s looking back at other June 17 moments in NBA history that basketball fanatics were deprived of today (it’s a band-aid solution, we know, but it’s either this or highlights of Brazil and Mexico trying—and failing—to score a goal in 90 minutes).

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Peripheral Vision: June 17

The Spurs can count

We’ll just let this—what’s that cool word, swag?—championship shirt do the talking. We all know what the shirt’s referencing.

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Dayories: Puerto Princesa

Brgy. Concepcion is a quiet, coastal town in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It’s almost two hours away from the main city and home to the Bataks, the smallest indigenous group in the province. It’s so quiet and peaceful in Brgy. Concepcion, one area is called Purok Matahimik. Aside from enjoying the ocean or trekking in the jungle, there’s not much to do around the tiny, unassuming barangay.

But of course, you can play ball.

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Tweets of the Day: June 16

I t’s 2007 all over again as the San Antonio Spurs played perfect basketball against a LeBron James-led team to win the NBA championship. Kawhi Leonard got a well-deserved Finals MVP trophy for scoring on and defending the league’s best player, while said best player gets flak for losing not one, not two, but three finals series in his career. But this probably won’t be the last time LeBron will play in a championship series, so to end the 2013-2014 season on a high note (wink, wink), Twitter trolling presents: Michael Beasley with special guest Mario Chalmers!

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Peripheral Vision: June 16

Hug It Out

The real revelation in the Finals is that Kawhi Leonard is actually capable of showing emotions. His celebratory hug with Pops was heartfelt, moving, and filled with gratitude. It was a very special moment for the newly minted Finals MVP. Six years ago today—Father’s Day—his dad was shot to death outside of their carwash business in Compton, California (the case is still unsolved). That’s why the embrace was extremely touching for Kawhi and Pops, who has been nothing but a dear father figure to the entire Spurs.

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Tweets of the Day: June 13

S o Game 4 happened and the defending champs Miami Heat are down 3-1. Pretty boring stuff, really. Aside from Perfect Basketball ™ from the Spurs, Mario Chalmers did Mario Chalmers things, Dwyane Wade did Mario Chalmers things, Kawhi Leonard did LeBron things on LeBron, and Toney Douglas got minutes.

For Game 5, we’re hoping for another blowout if only to see Michael Beasley suit up in garbage time. But with the way the basketball gods have been tripping, it won’t be shocking to see the Big 3–that’s LeBron, Wade, and Bosh in case you’ve forgotten–explode and steal one at the AT&T Center (we’re also still waiting for the Mario Chalmers Redemption Game or the Ray Allen 9 3s Game).

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Focus Training Days EP01

B eing basketball ready isn’t just about lacing up and putting on a jersey. It’s about the hours, days, and weeks of work you put in before stepping into the court.

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Rage Against the (Trade) Machine: Bringing Love to Beantown

Kevin Love wants out? Multiple teams interested? This calls for the Trade Machine!*

Let’s take a quick breather from the NBA Finals and explore trades involving the T-Wolves franchise player—or if you ask Ricky Rubio, just another guy who brings the stats but not the leadership.

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