Focus Training Days EP01

B eing basketball ready isn’t just about lacing up and putting on a jersey. It’s about the hours, days, and weeks of work you put in before stepping into the court.

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Rage Against the (Trade) Machine: Bringing Love to Beantown

Kevin Love wants out? Multiple teams interested? This calls for the Trade Machine!*

Let’s take a quick breather from the NBA Finals and explore trades involving the T-Wolves franchise player—or if you ask Ricky Rubio, just another guy who brings the stats but not the leadership.

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Tweets of the Day: June 11

Three games into the NBA Finals and we know three things: 1. Kahwi Leonard is a silent beast with freakishly huge hands, 2. This series is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable, and 3. Mario Chalmers sucks (unless of course he erupts for 30 in Game 4 to shut us up—totally possible).

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Tweets of the Day: June 10

If reports are accurate, five-time NBA champion Derek Fisher will soon trade his tight-fitting jersey for a three-piece suit as head coach of the New York Knicks. Two reasons why this is fascinating: it’s the Knicks and Fish has zero experience. But, hey, at least he’s not a boxer moonlighting as a congressman and gasp, PBA coach.

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Tweets of the Day: June 9

Ten years ago, “Manny Pacquiao coaching a team named Kia Kamao in the PBA” would’ve been a good punchline for a joke. Fast forward to today, Manny Pacquiao is indeed coaching a team named Kia Kamao in the PBA. We bid the People’s Champ good luck in his new endeavor—he’ll need it when he’s battling Tim Cone and Norman Black.

In other less surreal news, Gilas prospect Andray Blatche shows his passion for doing the laundry and Mario Chalmers, in lieu of buckets, delivers the most electrifying move in sports entertainment.

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Peripheral Vision: June 8

He’s here!

Andray Blatche likes kare-kare and halo-halo.

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Peripheral Vision: June 7

It’s a lot of fans!

All the talk about the non-functioning air-conditioner at the AT&T Center in Game 1 still hasn’t cooled off, lame pun intended. Now, Danny Green admitted to the Associated Press that the Spurs locker room had cooling fans to counter the suffocating 80-degree heat (33 to 35-degree celsius), while the Heat didn’t have any. Was it done on purpose? Or did the Heat just didn’t bother to ask? Hey, the Spurs have home court advantage after all.

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Peripheral Vision: June 6

Do your thing, Internet

Of course, there’ll be a special, heartfelt meme dedicated especially to LeBron’s Cramp Game. #LeBroning, folks.

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Tweets of the Day: June 6

Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals will forever go down in history as the one that pushed everyone to bring out their A-game. On Twitter.

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Peripheral Vision: June 5

Too cool for LeBron

The All-NBA Teams are out and only Kevin Durant was unanimously voted to the First Team. LeBron James was off by a single ballot. Yep, former ESPN reporter and current blogger Chris Sheridan felt LBJ is not among the best two forwards in the league this season. What type of cheap chemical is he inhaling? Perhaps he even considered voting Vitor Faverani.

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