Peripheral Vision: June 6

Do your thing, Internet

Of course, there’ll be a special, heartfelt meme dedicated especially to LeBron’s Cramp Game. #LeBroning, folks.

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Tweets of the Day: June 6

Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals will forever go down in history as the one that pushed everyone to bring out their A-game. On Twitter.

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Peripheral Vision: June 5

Too cool for LeBron

The All-NBA Teams are out and only Kevin Durant was unanimously voted to the First Team. LeBron James was off by a single ballot. Yep, former ESPN reporter and current blogger Chris Sheridan felt LBJ is not among the best two forwards in the league this season. What type of cheap chemical is he inhaling? Perhaps he even considered voting Vitor Faverani.

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Peripheral Vision: June 4

BOOM pa… oh, you know the rest

The most obvious storyline in the PBA Governor’s Cup is San Mig Coffee’s quest for the Grand Slam. Well, it looks like the Mixers have a new battle-cry courtesy of high-flying jitterbug Justin Melton. Will it propel them to their fourth straight title? Uhm, you be the judge.

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Tweets of the Day: June 3

On Tuesday, Twitter was abuzz on rumors that the Fred Uytengsu-owned Alaska franchise will be sold to the NLEX Road Warriors, a Manny Pangilinan-owned team. If the deal pushes through, MVP will have the same number of teams (3!) as tycoon rival Ramon Ang and San Miguel Corporation. Boom! Or as RDO explains to teammate Rob Reyes, “like explode.”

When Lamar tweeted this, we thought it’d be a photo of him in a club playing beer pong. Focus!

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Peripheral Vision: June 3

Calm before the storm

After hearing Tim Duncan’s comment slash subtle guarantee about winning the NBA title this year, LeBron James responded, although in a more diplomatic, non-combative way: “They don’t like us, they don’t. I can sense it from Timmy’s comments over the last couple of days. They wanted this, they wanted us and we’ll be ready for the challenge.” C’mon, ‘Bron, you can do better than that!

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June 2: Tweets of the Day

As the Spurs sent the Thunder fishing in Game 6, it may have also meant seeing the last of Derek Fisher in a basketball jersey. But don’t fret Fisher fans, you may soon see him in the sidelines, in Madison Square Garden, shaking his head at Ray Felton’s belly. Meanwhile, Metta World Peace again took to Twitter to show the world why sniffing glue is bad for you.

Ouch, that’s no way to speak to the real MVP, son.

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Peripheral Vision: June 2

Grandma Super Heat Fan

Age doesn’t matter in love, especially if it’s basketball you heart. Just ask Mary from South Florida. We don’t know her age but we do know she LOVES the Miami Heat. Here’s a video of her animatedly and anxiously watching Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, where unfortunately, the Indiana Pacers defeated her most beloved team in the galaxy.

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May 30: Tweets of the Day

If you’re planning to ask Gregg Popovich relevant/stupid questions after a game, just don’t. That’s one of the takeaways from Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, which like the four games before it, ended way before the final buzzer. Aside from a grown man dunk from Russell Westbrook, a Steve Kerr-Reggie Miller jaw-fest, and another Pop beatdown (not on OKC), here are the real, key takeaways from today that matter (Shaq-Kobe bromance included).

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NBA Conference Finals Random Power Rankings

It’s the penultimate round of the NBA Playoffs and as it’s supposed to be, the top seeds in the East and the West at the end of the regular season are the ones battling it out for the coveted tickets to the Last Dance. It has been an entertaining Conference Finals so far despite San Antonio’s trampling of OKC.

But aside from the final score, updates, and the highlights, other equally fascinating stuff has been happening. Trivial or not, they’re all part of the adrenaline-pumping post-season experience. Since we’re suckers for anything basketball-related, we decided to make a Power Rankings of the random and sometimes incoherent things that have transpired in the Conference Finals.

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