Jayson Castro, Superhero Point Guard

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez

Jayson Castro is a superhero who was put on this earth to play basketball. That’s just a fact. But to be more specific, he plays basketball to attack the basket and score on lay-ups over defenders a foot taller than him, the Junemar Fajardos and the Hamed Haddadis of the world.

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Sixth Man: The story of a hoops photographer

Sixth Man is the unsung hero, the one cheering from the bench and delivering quality minutes when needed. In this weekly series, BuhayBasket puts the spotlight on the men and women who contribute to the game in their own way, away from the limelight.

Three years ago, Jimmy Alapag hit a dagger 3 that ended the “Korean curse.” While some of us saw that shot on TV, others watched it happen live at the Mall of Asia arena. Paul Ryan Tan saw it behind the lens of his camera.

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