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Grassroots: Who was better, Kobe 8 or Kobe 24?

In this episode of Grassroots, BuhayBasket talks about the best version of Kobe Bryant: Young, 3-peat with Shaq, Frobe 8 or MVP and two-time champ with the Mamba face?

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Grassroots: The 1st Annual BuhayBasket Awards

In this episode of Grassroots, BuhayBasket and Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise host the 1st Annual BuhayBasket Awards, which honors the NBA’s titos, freak athletes, and Javale McGees.

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Grassroots: Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise

Grassroots is back, and we’re joined by Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise to talk about Dirk’s 90s undercut, Papa Chandler P, and DLSU’s Stretch 4: Matt Salem. Watch the full episode here:

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Grassroots: Panis! Piso! Ala hoy!

When you have to give the ball back, it’s “bek.” “Piso” and “butata” when you block someone, and “ala hoy” for the circus shot that went in. What other basketball terms do you know?

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Grassroots: James Harden is the David Spade of the NBA

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, The Rock vs Stone Cold, Troy Hudson , Marc Gasol’s diet, some choice words for Stan Van Gundy, and why James Harden is the David Spade of the NBA.

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Grassroots: The Wild Wild Westbrook Episode

None of us have contracts to play ball professionally. None of us played college or high school ball. None of us had coaching stints at any level. We do love basketball, though. We are the first round draft picks as fans. We deserve max contracts. We are the real MVPs in the living room, drinking beer, watching games, talking about the games we are watching, the games we watched yesterday, and the games we are planning to watch tomorrow.

There are thousands like us living that basketball life, on and off the court. This podcast is about that life. Sit back, grab a brew and join the never-ending discussion about the best damn sport in the world.
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