The KD Producer Pack

Anytime my interests intersect like this, you know I’m gonna talk about it. In this case MUSIC AND HOOPS. KD recently dropped the Nike KD15 ‘PRODUCER PACK’. Now it’s no surprise the KD chose a music collaboration. He has tattoos of 2pac, wutang clan and Rick James on his left leg. 

EASYMONEY Sniper partnered up with Boi-1da, Cardo and 9th wonder for some killer color ways.

Peripheral Vision: June 27

Best of luck, Isaiah

We’re sure you’ve seen this already but it’s hard not to watch it again and again. Such a fitting tribute to a young man, whose NBA dream was prematurely crushed by an unforeseen circumstance. If this doesn’t get you at least a little choked up, then you have a heart made out of whatever material they use for making submarines.

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NBA Conference Finals Random Power Rankings

It’s the penultimate round of the NBA Playoffs and as it’s supposed to be, the top seeds in the East and the West at the end of the regular season are the ones battling it out for the coveted tickets to the Last Dance. It has been an entertaining Conference Finals so far despite San Antonio’s trampling of OKC.

But aside from the final score, updates, and the highlights, other equally fascinating stuff has been happening. Trivial or not, they’re all part of the adrenaline-pumping post-season experience. Since we’re suckers for anything basketball-related, we decided to make a Power Rankings of the random and sometimes incoherent things that have transpired in the Conference Finals.

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