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Tweets of the Day: Pippen Reminiscin’

March 19 was MJ’s night, as the basketball world celebrated two decades of “I’m back.” But 20 years later, it was still super sidekick Scottie Pippen who stole the show with a series of nostalgic tweets.

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Real Fans vs Bandwagoners

By Daryl Lim

As a Bay Area kid in the early 90’s, it was easy to root for the home teams. The Giants had Barry Bonds, a superstar outfielder who would go on to hit *the most home runs in a single season*. The 49ers were perennial contenders for the playoffs, winning 5 titles, the last one being in 1994. The Warriors? Different story.

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Tweets of the Day: Kyrie Irving

Unless you’re the type who’d rather watch Ryan Kelly airball hook shots, you already know that Kyrie Irving just had a career game against the reigning NBA champs. Here’s what Twitter had to say.

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Homecoming Feat. Kevin Garnett

After winning one title in Boston, and doing KG things in Brooklyn (see: Dwight Howard headbutt), KG is back to where it all started. But where’s Wally? Hoiberg? Spree?

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#AskTitoMico: How did the Hawks become so good?

Upper B’s Mico Halili is back to answer this question: How did the Atlanta Hawks become so good this season?

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Tweets of the Day: 2015 NBA All-Star Game

Dirk Vince Carter’d, Steph played around, and Russell Westbrook left all his chill in OKC.

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Tweets of the Day: NBA All-Stars

The NBA All-Star starting lineups for the Western and Eastern conferences were announced today, and as expected, there were snubs, surprises, and hilarious commentary on Twitter.

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Santa Claus outfit: Who wore it best?

Through the years, several NBA players have temporarily traded their jerseys for the ever-so fashionable Santa Claus outfit. But who wore it best? Matt Bonner would be perfect though. Merry Christmas!


Who needs a reindeer when Birdman can fly?


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Guys you’ll always meet in pick-up games

Whenever you’re in a pick-up game, there will always be regular-looking fellows, guys who look like they don’t belong on the court. They’re either wearing a t-shirt instead of a jersey or sporting a bagong-gising look. But actually, they are the guys you need to watch out for aside from the obvious stud on the opposing team. If you disregard them, which you’ll likely do mainly because of their appearance, your team will probably lose.

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