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2015 NBA Draft Review: Bridging the Past and Future

By Kram Cervantes

Draft day is in the books! For the fans of the lottery teams, the draft packed the drama and pressure of a seven-game playoff series in a three-hour event. Just like past editions, there were on-the-money picks and absolute head-scratchers. There weren’t a lot of blockbuster trades this year, but there’s definitely no shortage of bold decisions that have already sparked intense debates.

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Meet the graphic designer behind NBA’s digital art

For 12 years, Australia-based graphic designer Tyson Beck has been creating NBA-related designs. BuhayBasket and Lakers Nation PH had a quick chat with Beck on being NBA’s go-to design guy, and living by the Mamba Mentality. (He has the largest collection of Kobe Bryant jerseys in the world.)

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10 Things LeBron Could Do (BUT Would Still Be Hated Anyway)

Just in case you’re living under a rock under the Pacific Ocean or still reeling from the finale of Forevermore, LeBron James went bat-shit crazy in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Atlanta Hawks. He finished with an NBA2K-ish 37-18-13 in 47 pulsating minutes. His 12th career playoff triple-double (it easily could’ve been his 13th—he was only a rebound shy in Game 2).

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Tweets of the Day: Pippen Reminiscin’

March 19 was MJ’s night, as the basketball world celebrated two decades of “I’m back.” But 20 years later, it was still super sidekick Scottie Pippen who stole the show with a series of nostalgic tweets.

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Real Fans vs Bandwagoners

By Daryl Lim

As a Bay Area kid in the early 90’s, it was easy to root for the home teams. The Giants had Barry Bonds, a superstar outfielder who would go on to hit *the most home runs in a single season*. The 49ers were perennial contenders for the playoffs, winning 5 titles, the last one being in 1994. The Warriors? Different story.

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Tweets of the Day: Kyrie Irving

Unless you’re the type who’d rather watch Ryan Kelly airball hook shots, you already know that Kyrie Irving just had a career game against the reigning NBA champs. Here’s what Twitter had to say.

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Homecoming Feat. Kevin Garnett

After winning one title in Boston, and doing KG things in Brooklyn (see: Dwight Howard headbutt), KG is back to where it all started. But where’s Wally? Hoiberg? Spree?

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#AskTitoMico: How did the Hawks become so good?

Upper B’s Mico Halili is back to answer this question: How did the Atlanta Hawks become so good this season?

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Tweets of the Day: 2015 NBA All-Star Game

Dirk Vince Carter’d, Steph played around, and Russell Westbrook left all his chill in OKC.

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