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One brought the angas from Tondo to the pros; the other brought a million moves from Escalante. An Angeles hero collecting championships. A Cebuano making a name in college hoops. A standout Cotabato native proving he’s legit. The court is their home. And homecourt advantage is wherever they play. #REPYOURCOURT

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18 awesome gift ideas for the basketball fan

It’s time for the annual last-minute Christmas shopping! If you’re feeling John Stockton-y, here are 18 awesome gifts you can dish out to the ultimate basketball fan.

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The Terrence Romeo Biopic (an excerpt)

Terrence Romeo once scored 83 points in high school. He is a UAAP MVP. He is a PBA scoring champ. He deserves a biopic. Bro.

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Word Up: SLAM Draft Suite

The brightest young stars of Philippine basketball gathered at the SLAM Draft Suite on Friday to talk about their future. BuhayBasket was there to find out what was up with the special draft in this special episode of Word Up.

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Sixth (Wo)Man: The Barangay Ginebra Fan

Spectators at the imaginary Bora Cup won’t get to taste gin this year after Barangay Ginebra, the 8-time favorites at the fictitious event, withdrew sponsorship.

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Ginebra’s Never-Say-Die moments

Eight years in the making, punctuated by an in-your-face buzzer-beating 3 in true Barangay Ginebra fashion. Let’s look back at the team’s most memorable “never say die” moments.

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