Peripheral Vision: June 19

Stay snarky, Pop

The town was painted silver and black as the Spurs celebrated their fifth NBA championship with the traditional city-wide motorcade. There were plenty of cheers to go around as the thousands of fans whooped it up with their favorite players. There were plenty of chuckle-generating moments as well, highlighted by Gregg Popovich taking a hilarious jab at LeBron’s infamous multiple championships prediction in 2010.

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Peripheral Vision: June 7

It’s a lot of fans!

All the talk about the non-functioning air-conditioner at the AT&T Center in Game 1 still hasn’t cooled off, lame pun intended. Now, Danny Green admitted to the Associated Press that the Spurs locker room had cooling fans to counter the suffocating 80-degree heat (33 to 35-degree celsius), while the Heat didn’t have any. Was it done on purpose? Or did the Heat just didn’t bother to ask? Hey, the Spurs have home court advantage after all.

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Peripheral Vision: June 5

Too cool for LeBron

The All-NBA Teams are out and only Kevin Durant was unanimously voted to the First Team. LeBron James was off by a single ballot. Yep, former ESPN reporter and current blogger Chris Sheridan felt LBJ is not among the best two forwards in the league this season. What type of cheap chemical is he inhaling? Perhaps he even considered voting Vitor Faverani.

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Peripheral Vision: June 4

BOOM pa… oh, you know the rest

The most obvious storyline in the PBA Governor’s Cup is San Mig Coffee’s quest for the Grand Slam. Well, it looks like the Mixers have a new battle-cry courtesy of high-flying jitterbug Justin Melton. Will it propel them to their fourth straight title? Uhm, you be the judge.

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Peripheral Vision: June 3

Calm before the storm

After hearing Tim Duncan’s comment slash subtle guarantee about winning the NBA title this year, LeBron James responded, although in a more diplomatic, non-combative way: “They don’t like us, they don’t. I can sense it from Timmy’s comments over the last couple of days. They wanted this, they wanted us and we’ll be ready for the challenge.” C’mon, ‘Bron, you can do better than that!

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