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One brought the angas from Tondo to the pros; the other brought a million moves from Escalante. An Angeles hero collecting championships. A Cebuano making a name in college hoops. A standout Cotabato native proving he’s legit. The court is their home. And homecourt advantage is wherever they play. #REPYOURCOURT

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Picnic Games 5: Bring your game

Mike Swift recently put together another edition of Picnic Games. People from all over Manila descended upon the Tenement Homes in Taguig to enjoy one full day of basketball, barbecue and great tunes.

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Picnic Games: Bayanihan and basketball

No fanfare, no sponsors, and no hype. The Picnic Games was a basketball tournament held at the Fort Bonifacio Tenement Building in Taguig. But looking past the no-look passes and sick crossovers, the games were really about keeping the bayanihan spirit alive on and off the court.

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