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Santa Claus outfit: Who wore it best?

Through the years, several NBA players have temporarily traded their jerseys for the ever-so fashionable Santa Claus outfit. But who wore it best? Matt Bonner would be perfect though. Merry Christmas!


Who needs a reindeer when Birdman can fly?


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The Upper B Decision

To put an end to the mounting speculation, they have finally made a decision. Mico Halili, Charles Tiu, Jai Reyes, Renren Ritualo and Suzy Gamboa will be getting back to their winning ways, with a new name and a new homecourt, but the same seamless team chemistry that would make the Spurs jealous.

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Guys you’ll always meet in pick-up games

Whenever you’re in a pick-up game, there will always be regular-looking fellows, guys who look like they don’t belong on the court. They’re either wearing a t-shirt instead of a jersey or sporting a bagong-gising look. But actually, they are the guys you need to watch out for aside from the obvious stud on the opposing team. If you disregard them, which you’ll likely do mainly because of their appearance, your team will probably lose.

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The Fantasy Basketball team name game

Coming up with team names in fantasy basketball leagues is an exercise in stupidity. From lame puns (Cannot Faried), to self-deprecating (#PuntYear), to downright lewd (Spankwire), team names are the reason why fantasy owners absolutely cannot be real team owners.

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Keeping the dream alive

We’ve all dreamed of taking the last shot at the buzzer, making it, and posing for the thousands in attendance. But not all of us will have that chance. Writer and liga legend Dinjo Constantino explains why that dream should be kept alive. And how.

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BuhayBasket picks: 10 must-see films

If watching the games live, catching the replays, highlights, and postgame shenanigans still can’t quite satisfy your basketball soul, here are 10 films, in no particular order, that BuhayBasket believes every basketball junkie should watch. Also, it seemed like a good excuse to discuss “Dobol Dribol” aka the best Filipino film ever made.

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Tweets of the Day: Manila Clasico

It was supposed to be the classic Caguioa vs Yap narrative; or the duel between Gilas brothers Ping and Japeth; or the LA Tenorio-Mark Barroca battle for PG supremacy. But Ginebra’s latest addition Joseph Yeo, in his first Manila Clasico, had other ideas.

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Dayories: Sampaloc, Manila


Driving around Manila on a Saturday, you will see these street kings on almost every corner. Some are barefoot, some shirtless, but all of them always ready to play. Pay respect.

A play-by-play analysis of Arwind Santos’ ‘Bagyo’ music video

Forget the new albums of the Foo Fighters and U2, because in even bigger music news, Arwind Santos just finished recording his debut album. Let that sink in for a moment. You’re good?

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