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Peripheral Vision: June 27

Best of luck, Isaiah

We’re sure you’ve seen this already but it’s hard not to watch it again and again. Such a fitting tribute to a young man, whose NBA dream was prematurely crushed by an unforeseen circumstance. If this doesn’t get you at least a little choked up, then you have a heart made out of whatever material they use for making submarines.

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Basketball IQ: What country won the basketball gold medal in the 1987 Pan-Am Games?

The Pan-American Games is a sporting event that holds various athletic competitions for countries in the Americas. In 1987, Indianapolis played host to the tournament.

In the basketball gold medal game, the home team faced Brazil. Everybody on earth expected USA, featuring the likes of future NBA mainstays Danny Manning, Dan Majerle, Rex Chapman, and David Robinson, to trample the visitors. But Brazil’s Oscar Schmidt had other plans.

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Peripheral Vision: June 26

The only mock draft you’ll need

It’s D-Day in the NBA tomorrow. ESPN writer, Grantland contributor, and We’ll Always Have Linsanity co-author Jared Dubin made his mock draft for the 2014 NBA Draft and he was absolutely right on the money. Even the most sharp-eyed scouts and RC Buford couldn’t have nailed this one.

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Peripheral Vision: June 25

Keep trolling, San Antonio

Whoever put up this billboard in San Antonio castigating LeBron’s latest decision is pretty clever—and also filthy rich.

Photo from Breitbart News

Photo from Breitbart News

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Tweets of the Day: June 25

The Gilas boys will be facing one final test before flying off to Spain: a team of NBA All-Stars led by Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, Paul Pierce, and DeMar DeRozan. Behind the event is SBP big boss Manny “The Real MVP” Pangilinan, who is kind enough to throw us basketball fanatics a bone to chew on during the NBA off-season. And, oh, we’re sure you know by now that LeBron opted out of his contract. There’s so much speculation and wit on Twitter after the news broke out, that we took it upon ourselves to compile the best ones into one long scroll so you don’t have to.

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Peripheral Vision: June 24

You’re welcome

For all you speculative people, uhm, speculating and picturing where LeBron will end up, someone conveniently Photoshopped LBJ wearing jerseys of all the 30 teams.

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Tweets of the Day: June 24

This year’s NBA draft and free agency is setting up to be one of the most unpredictable in recent years. So hang tight hoop fans, with the draft happening two days from now and The Decision 2.0 still a full week away, there’s really just one practical thing to do: gossip on Twitter. Also, in other news, Ray Parks as a member of the Purple and Gold?

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Peripheral Vision: June 23

Photo Op

Joel Embiid: Hey, thanks for visiting me, man.

Jabari Parker: Thanks for getting injured. My odds of being selected first overall just got sweeter. Here’s a Gatorade and some Flintstones vitamins for you.

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Basketball IQ: The Aerial Voyager flying high

If someday you’ll be in one of those game shows and the random million-dollar question is “Who won the 1994 PBA Governor’s Cup Best Player of Conference (BPC) plum?” this piece of information will take you to the bank.

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Peripheral Vision: June 19

Stay snarky, Pop

The town was painted silver and black as the Spurs celebrated their fifth NBA championship with the traditional city-wide motorcade. There were plenty of cheers to go around as the thousands of fans whooped it up with their favorite players. There were plenty of chuckle-generating moments as well, highlighted by Gregg Popovich taking a hilarious jab at LeBron’s infamous multiple championships prediction in 2010.

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